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POS Bashing..

Morning readers, so last night I logged on to some chat in the Alliance channel about a POS that needed some loving (as in bashing), our target was 11 jumps from Ibura in a dead end low sec system. I decided to take part and loaded Durzo Smith into his Manticore SB for it’s maiden voyage. Astral Dominix was scouting the system before the fleet moved down there and it looked good for us to begin. The trip down was uneventful (for me at least) and I joined our adhoc fleet of Stealth Bombers, crusiers and Battle Cruisers at trying to bring the tower down.

Now POS bashing is slow and boring work and to be honest we didn’t have enough firepower to break the shields, the thing was that thngs got a bit more eventful, Nozza one of ABADD’s directors got his alt’s Drake destroyed and podded thanks to a gate camp as he came into low sec (sorry Nozza). Now being a low sec region, pirates have a habit of appearing and local spiked with one such pirate in a Proteus (T3 Cruiser).

Luckily being a bit more paranoid than most I had moved 40km away from the tower and was aligned to a planet just in case. The Proteus landed at the tower and due to some bad luck for the Alliance we lost a caracel and a drake, I did target the Proteus and launched some Torps at it but I was too far away and I warped out to avoid lossing my fragile SB.

I had to log not long after that but not before I let my GCC cooldown so I could disconnect and not be visible on scan for 15 minutes (even though I was cloaked).

My fellow corpie and friend Yuzuki had a better night than me and is making nice progress towards getting a nice killboard going. Read his post HERE

It’s coming close to our first week in the Alliance and next week I have some “things” I want to discuss with the leadership so I can get a better understand of what is required from ABADD in the future.

Plans for the WH are still progressing, I have bought a POS tower and modules required and just need to get Durz0’s ice processing skill sorted so I can have waste free ice refining.

Fly safe

  1. February 14, 2011 at 18:59

    Hey! I just added you to the EVE Player Blogroll! If you could write a little post and/or tweet about it, I’d appreciate!



  1. February 11, 2011 at 12:15

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