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WH: Sneak and Peak

Right first off, in an effort to make the content of my posts easier to understand I am going to start adding the main focus of the post at the start of the title. So for example anything Wormhole related will start with WH:, for PVP it will be PVP:. Hopefully that will help both my readers and myself, in keeping track of my posts.

Now on to the content.. 🙂

Last night I logged in and decided it was about time to get Durzo Smith (my new WH scout) loaded up in his Buzzard Covert Op’s ship. I know, I know why is a Minmatar flying a Caldari ship?? Simple.. it looks a lot nicer and has cool camouflage.. 🙂 Anyway I digress, a quick fitting session to get “Serenity” ready for action. Although I’m a bit confused why covert ops have so many mid slots, the buzzard has 5 and other than a AB I’m not sure what else to fit??

I started my scanning session in Ibura, not expecting to find much (high sec + scanning = poor results), but I did manage to find a WH after scanning down a few other sigs first. My unstable WH lead into a C2 system so I thought I would pop in and say hi in local (well not really, I don’t talk in local ever..)

Oh before I carry on Astral Dominix (fellow alliance pilot and blogger) has just posted the start of his exploration guide which covers scanning.. go read it…. you know you want to..

Once in the WH I bookmarked the exit and warped off towards a planet (making a BM half way along as the start of a safe), I dropped a combat probe and moved it to the edge of the system (thanks to Tiger Ears for the tips), expanded the scan range and set it hunting. I found 2 Amarr POS towers, lots of modules and a Chimera lurking in the system. Now as this was a “sneak and peak” I was only interested in find other WH’s to jump into. I have to say I was surprised with the amount of sigs that can occupy one system and I can understand why you need to be good at scanning otherwise it can take hours..

I was limited for time so I only managed to find another WH that led to high sec before I had to leave and return to Ibura. It might have been a bit boring but it served a purpose, I now know I have to sort the following:

1. Durzo’s scanning skills are a bit low so I am training them up now
2. I really really need to practice scanning more
3. I need a good system for recording and storing information from WH’s such as entries, exits and signatures..

So if you are a WH vet or can offer advice, how do you manage and store your BM’s? Do you keep them all in one folder, do you have a special naming convention or do you keep a record in a spreadsheet or similar for where you have been??

Fly safe

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  1. February 16, 2011 at 20:52

    Argh, I’m giving away all my secrets!

    You can create filters for your scanning probes so that you don’t reveal every single defence and array in a tower, leaving only ships and signatures, which will make quick identification of targets and threats easier.

  2. February 23, 2011 at 14:30

    Oh, hi, I’m back again.

    The mid slots in the covops can be fitted with tackle. I have an AB (or MWD if you prefer), web, disruptor, scrambler, and cap recharger in my Buzzard’s mids, although not all can be on-lined at once, so I swap between the scrambler and web depending on the current operation.

    Don’t forget to add a launcher, too. An armed covops is good enough against other covops or frigates used solely for scouting and not equipped to shoot back.

    As for bookmark management, I keep all wormholes in one folder, w-space sites in another, and delete them all when the wormhole collapses. The chances of finding the same w-space system again are slim, and the wormholes and sites will inevitably be in different locations the next time you chance upon the system. I know some pilots who permanently keep bookmarks of tower positions in w-space, but these can move around too.

    An overview of my naming conventions for wormholes can be found in my w-space glossary, under ‘BM label’, although it is a matter of personal preference.

    • February 23, 2011 at 15:42

      lol welcome back..

      Thanks for the fitting advice, I have to admit I’ve fitted out my manticore with the fit you posted.. Just need to give it a try now.. 🙂

      I’ve just read your BM tips so will look to use a similar thing myself (no point re-inventing something that works).. 🙂

      Have to say I really enjoy reading your blog, so keep it up.. 🙂


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