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Gen: Eve and my iPhone

March 30, 2011 2 comments

I’m a proud iPhone owner and I use it (among other things) to keep tabs on things Eve related. This is my list of iPhone apps that I use for Eve.

1. Capsuleer – Even though it’s no longer an official iPhone app it still sits on my iPhone and I still use it for getting a quick view of my toons skills and ISK balances. The best feature of Capsuleer for me was the method for adding accounts. It far exceeds any other Eve iPhone app for the ease of adding new accounts.

2. iClone – I use iClone primarily for keeping tabs on Corp related functions, such as member tracking, corp wallet balances and corp market orders. The only downside for me with iClone is the time it takes to download new data.

3. Twitter – I have an Eve related account which I use to stay in touch with the latest from the #tweetfleet crew and for advertising my new blog posts. For me twitter enables me to ask questions in #tweetfleet and get back good information back.

4. WordPress Statistics – I have a WordPress hosted blog, so this app allows me to keep traffic of my blog traffic when I’m away from my computer. It has a nice graphical interface and the information is useful and lets you view graphs for the number of “hits” you’ve received.

5. WordPress – This is the official WordPress app for WordPress hosted blogs. I only really use this for approving comments as I find it clunky to write new blog posts via this app.

6. MobileRSS – The day wouldn’t be complete without checking the latest blog posts from other Eve players. This app syncs with my Google Reader RSS feeds and again lets me keep in touch with things when out and about.

7. EveUniverse – This is a fairly new Eve app, it provides much the same functionality as Capsuleer and iClone but it does let you view market buy/sell orders “live” which is a nice feature.

So that’s it.. all the apps I use that relate to Eve. If I’ve missed any that you my faithful readers use let me know and I will give them a try.

Would like to say a BIG thank you to all the iPhone developers that have taken the time and effort to make the Eve apps, you are the unsung heroes or the game.

Fly safe

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Gen: War, Corps & Alliances

March 29, 2011 2 comments

So things in Eve have been quiet lately, Corp members have been slim on the ground and other than playing around with PI my game time has been limited. Currently I’m lacking something in my game time that I use to have, and that’s the challenge and enjoyment of something new. Mission running is fine, it serves a purpose by helping to build up the corp wallet and provide materials for building stuff but let’s be honest it gets old really quick. I’ve run out of things I want to build and mining by yourself takes time for little reward even with a Orca providing bonuses.

Taking these all into account I’ve decided to dedicate more time to Durzo Smith, he’s my 100% combat toon, at the moment he’s living in high sec with still a negative sec status that stops him getting into 0.7 or higher systems. So that will be the first change, I will grind some missions so he’s free to fly in high sec. After/during that I’m looking to move him into a new corp,
my idea is that I can use him for mischief while still mission running etc on my other toons..

Now onto Corp life, I read a blog post from Black Claw about “how to be a ceo”, after reading that I realised that I mostly fail as a CEO, I’m happy to admit my short comings, the point of running my own corp wasn’t to make it a huge corp, just rather somewhere to call my own rather than paying other people to play (tax). The outcome of this realisation this morning? I’m going to take the time to re-evaluate the direction of the corp, the plans for moving into a WH will still exist but until I can build the numbers up it will be on hold. Another upcoming change is a move from Ibura. It’s a nice system don’t get me wrong but we are wedged in a pipe between 0.0 space and high sec which doesn’t give much scope for moving around systems and we miss out on a good market hub. The hunt will be on once the current war is over (see below for more details).

On Friday my alliance PIES (PIT Industries Enterprises) got war dec’d by The Banana Republic, this alliance is made up of some holder corps and 1 active corp called Two Man Gang. This war dec’ing alliance also war dec’d about 4 other alliances (including Goonswarm) at the same time so it’s pretty safe to say they are a high sec war corp.. What doesn’t make sense is the reaction from the Alliance..

I logged in on Friday night to talk in the Alliance Chat about the war dec, now for me the first thing I always do whenever looking at new recruits or other corps is RESEARCH!!!

My research (via Dotlan, Battleclinic, Google and Killboards) found that Two Man Gang (who don’t post many losses on their own killboard) was made up of 16 members (including alts), that operated primarily in high sec. My research also showed that there were a lot of 2007 toons and they liked to fly T3’s usually in a small gang.

All make sense? I shared this research in alliance chat and the majority of the come back was that they were a small corp that shouldn’t be a threat and more of an annoyance..Now for me I’ve never been war dec’d before but I always air on the side of concern when making such claims, there was also Alliance talk about forming gangs of T1 frigate to swarm the enemy if they showed up.

Now fast forward to Monday morning when I logged back in, the main corp in the Alliance had lost 3 ships (drake, BS and a frigate containing rigs) not of which were PVP fit and the alliance is now down 4 member corps (not sure it relates to the war) and no one willing to talk about why. Last night when I logged in Alliance chat was empty and no one really want to talk other than to say that the war was having a negative impact on the Alliance..

So in short here are my tips if you get war dec’d.

1. Never underestimate your enemy
2. RESEARCH – information is power
3. Don’t fly what you can’t fight in
4. Watching local is fine, just remember NPC scouts
5. Small corp doesn’t make them weak
6. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH (it’s in caps for a reason)

On other news, I’m now training my 3rd PI alt and Durz0 Blint will start training soon so I can have 20 planets making stuff.

Fly safe

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PI: Popping my planetery cherry!!

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I have managed some more Eve time and actual managed to get some stuff done.

Durz0 Blint has some nice shiny new Faction cruise launchers (got to spend the LP’s on something) which gives him some more DPS which is great for missions. Skill wise he’s working through the skills that have the word “upgrades” in it so he should be able to fit most ships.

Durzo Smith has a new shiny as well.. after completing Minmatar Cruiser V he is now the proud owner of a Loki, this will be his mission running ship (still trying to get his sec status up) and maybe it will be used for WH ops once we are settled. He has a few more scanning skills to improve and then he will be hunting down our new WH home.

Now the real work has been with Desire Blint.. Desire is my hauler toon and salvager but I’ve now put her to work with PI. I’ve resisted doing any PI since it’s release because I didn’t have the time or desire to do it.

Rather than reading about PI first I dived straight in and started building like crazy on a Barren planet.. The result, well to be honest it looked like someone have vomited on the planet.. 🙂 A quick for HELP on #tweetfleet and I was pointed towards the Eve Uni PI Guide, I have to say this made a lot more sense to me and I was soon removing and starting from scratch again. Desire now has 5 planets working towards producing as much POS fuel as I can and I have to say I’m enjoying it, in fact most of my game time is spent checking my planets and “tweaking” things.

In fact I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve created my first PI only alt who also has 5 planets currently and is helping with the POS fuel. I actually plan to create another PI alt as well.. Can never have too many alts.. 🙂

The end goal will be to have 3 toons managing 6 planets each, all producing POS fuel components. ONce we are in a WH I may move a couple of them into the WH to produce fuel there so this is currently my “practice” time in high sec.

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Gen: Updates and general chat

March 7, 2011 1 comment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Eve adventures (apart from my rant last week about petitions), this is mostly due to the lack of in-game time I’ve had lately (RL sucks sometimes) but more about the lack of any decent to blog about..

I’m slowly getting more Eve time (now my internet is working again) so I thought I would give you a general update.

Durz0 Blint – Is currently training a mix of ship and indy skills. Durz0 can now refine ice which means we are close to having enough POS fuel to last a couple of months. We have all the POS modules required so all we need now is a WH to move into it. Durz0 is also about 5 weeks away from perfect shield skills and then I will be moving onto missile skills. I have no plans for any new shineys for Durz0 so he will keep grinding the lvl 4’s in his Scorpion.

Desire Blint – Desire is now capable of fielding T2 salvagers and is working towards a hulk, which once in WH space should help bring in some high end ores for the Corp.

Durzo Smith – Durzo has been quiet lately, he’s training Min Cruiser 5 at the moment which will first in 3 days and then he will be training up the skills for a Loki, this will be a cloaky Loki for WH hunting and general cloaky goodness.

Abaddon Innovations is still recruiting, we are sitting at 12 members but due to my lack of game time means recruitment is slow but the guys in the Corp are an awesome bunch who have been grinding missions for the last few weeks and our Corp wallet is looking very healthy at the moment.. 🙂

Hulkageddon and been and gone and to be honest I still flew my Noctis on missions and I still saw miners out and about. It might be our distance from low sec but we are 2 jumps from 0.0 space so I was expecting a bit more ganking..

At the moment I’m feeling a bit “bored” of grinding missions and mining, don’t get me wrong I still do them but I think I need a break, the pull of PVP is calling to me and although ABADD isn’t a PVP corp I might go solo in low sec for a while, while looking for a new WH home. I’m hoping that our new WH home will provide the extra “challenge” I’m looking for.. Who knows I might turn out good at PVP after dieing a few times (or lots).. 🙂

Since playing Eve I’ve read lots about “unscannable” ships.. How do you make your ship unscannable? Can only certain ships become undetectable?? ANy tips/hints or fittings would be appreciated. I might even start to write more about my fittings for certain ships I fly..

Fly safe

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CSM: Petitions are not customer friendly

March 1, 2011 6 comments

I’m not one to complain/rant without reason and I accept that nothing is perfect and no game will ever work without “bugs”. I’ve played Eve for over a year now and up to now I’ve never had a reason to raise a petition with CCP, yesterday that changed.

I have 3 accounts in Eve, a few weeks ago my blog was added to the EVe Online Fansite listing, part of this (Which I wasn’t aware of at the time) includes when added that CCP give you a “free” media account for a year. I chose the account that Durzo Smith (my pvper) is on and CCP changed my subscription details. On the 7th of February my account was added with 365 days worth of play and my reoccuring payment was removed by CCP (all makes sense so far?).

Now I have to admit I haven’t logged onto Durzo Smith since the 21st of February, mostly because I haven’t had a lot of game time and secondly because he is training Minmatar Cruiser 5 which is about 20+ days of training. Yesterday I finally paid attention to the error that Capsuleer kept showing for Durzo Smith and logged into Eve Gate to make sure my account was working. Well it wasn’t it was showing that my subscription had expired, I checked my account management and that showed the same thing, even though it was showing the “free” 365 days that CCP had put on the account..

All make sense so far??

I raised a petition yesterday at 16:27, not the first issue is that a suspended account can’t raise petitions, which to me is stupid, if something happens to my account and I only have 1 account what are you supposed to do?

Currently 17.5 hours later I still haven’t had/seen anything back from CCP about it. Now I know CCP GM’s are busy but petitions are the customer service function of Eve Online so surely this process needs some work?

I work in IT in RL so I’ve used lots of different “support” portals so here are my observations about petitions:

1. They aren’t geared towards the user, you raise a petition and then wait. No notification is sent either to your account in-game or to the email that is registered to your account. Even a “Your call has been raised” email or update to the petition would be nice, just to give people a feeling that something is happening.

2. The web component for petitions is “clunky”, you can’t refresh the page without it asking you to login, and when you do login in it errors (sometimes) and then you have to click on the “My Petitions” to see your petitions.

3. SLA’s should be applied to calls and shown to the users, the fact that my account was suspended because of something CCP did or didn’t do isn’t my fault, petitions related to account management and the ability to play the game should be given priority after all we pay to play and if we can’t play why pay?

4. Updates to the petitions should be added so that at least we know someone is looking at it, even a rough ETA or a queuing system would be nice, some indication that your issue is being looked at.

So my question is, any other players out there happy with the current Petition method? Any CSM 6 candidates willing to add this to their campaign offerings? Or am I just ranting about something that isn’t “broke”?

Let me know your thoughts, comments..

NOTE: At 13:45 I received an out of game email (sent to the email address registered on my account) informing me that the issue was recitified and my account was now active. The missing time has been added back onto my account and it seems skill training continues for at least 3 days after the account expires (meaning I haven’t lost any SP’s).

Fly safe (as long as your account isn’t suspended)

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