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CSM: Petitions are not customer friendly

I’m not one to complain/rant without reason and I accept that nothing is perfect and no game will ever work without “bugs”. I’ve played Eve for over a year now and up to now I’ve never had a reason to raise a petition with CCP, yesterday that changed.

I have 3 accounts in Eve, a few weeks ago my blog was added to the EVe Online Fansite listing, part of this (Which I wasn’t aware of at the time) includes when added that CCP give you a “free” media account for a year. I chose the account that Durzo Smith (my pvper) is on and CCP changed my subscription details. On the 7th of February my account was added with 365 days worth of play and my reoccuring payment was removed by CCP (all makes sense so far?).

Now I have to admit I haven’t logged onto Durzo Smith since the 21st of February, mostly because I haven’t had a lot of game time and secondly because he is training Minmatar Cruiser 5 which is about 20+ days of training. Yesterday I finally paid attention to the error that Capsuleer kept showing for Durzo Smith and logged into Eve Gate to make sure my account was working. Well it wasn’t it was showing that my subscription had expired, I checked my account management and that showed the same thing, even though it was showing the “free” 365 days that CCP had put on the account..

All make sense so far??

I raised a petition yesterday at 16:27, not the first issue is that a suspended account can’t raise petitions, which to me is stupid, if something happens to my account and I only have 1 account what are you supposed to do?

Currently 17.5 hours later I still haven’t had/seen anything back from CCP about it. Now I know CCP GM’s are busy but petitions are the customer service function of Eve Online so surely this process needs some work?

I work in IT in RL so I’ve used lots of different “support” portals so here are my observations about petitions:

1. They aren’t geared towards the user, you raise a petition and then wait. No notification is sent either to your account in-game or to the email that is registered to your account. Even a “Your call has been raised” email or update to the petition would be nice, just to give people a feeling that something is happening.

2. The web component for petitions is “clunky”, you can’t refresh the page without it asking you to login, and when you do login in it errors (sometimes) and then you have to click on the “My Petitions” to see your petitions.

3. SLA’s should be applied to calls and shown to the users, the fact that my account was suspended because of something CCP did or didn’t do isn’t my fault, petitions related to account management and the ability to play the game should be given priority after all we pay to play and if we can’t play why pay?

4. Updates to the petitions should be added so that at least we know someone is looking at it, even a rough ETA or a queuing system would be nice, some indication that your issue is being looked at.

So my question is, any other players out there happy with the current Petition method? Any CSM 6 candidates willing to add this to their campaign offerings? Or am I just ranting about something that isn’t “broke”?

Let me know your thoughts, comments..

NOTE: At 13:45 I received an out of game email (sent to the email address registered on my account) informing me that the issue was recitified and my account was now active. The missing time has been added back onto my account and it seems skill training continues for at least 3 days after the account expires (meaning I haven’t lost any SP’s).

Fly safe (as long as your account isn’t suspended)

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  1. March 1, 2011 at 11:56

    I myself have had a closed account issue once. I redeemed 2 60 day time codes for plex and sold them pretty quick, then logged. Came back 2 hours later to a locked account.

    I went to their website, filed a petition, and had it accepted in 24 hours. They flagged me in some sort of automatic ISK selling thing. It took about 4 days as they investigated, They then appologized, gave me 2 weeks on account. So my experience wasn’t horible. I wosh ot was more streamlined however.

  2. March 1, 2011 at 13:13

    I’ve had my fair share of issues with CCP customer support, so will offer these insights:

    1. Be patient. While not always quick to respond, it is my experience that CCP is thorough with customer issues.

    2. Bug them . The more you add notes to your petition, the more you will annoy, getting you a response, negative or positive.

    3. Use Twitter. Hit up CCP_Fallout or CCP_Zygmurist. Ask for help.

    4. Escalate. Some CSR are great; some are not. Keep escalating until someone recognizes your issue properly and rectifies it to your satisfaction if warranted.

    I know CCP is always striving towards better customer service, and that CSM 5 has worked with CCP on improving it. I am sure CSM 6 will continue that effort.

    • March 1, 2011 at 13:24

      Hi Roc,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my rant. Here is my feedback on your comments:

      1. I’m happy to be patient but I want CCP to manage my expectations, how long do I have to be patient for? Surely SLA’s would help, understanding when something will be looked into is better than just waiting and hoping. If I have a fault with my internet I expect when I raise a support issue that I told when it will be fixed or when I can expect an update. A petition just sitting there with no updates, to me shows a lack of communication from CCP.

      2. I’ve already added an update to my petition asking for an update, but again how do I know that this is helping? An understanding of how the petition process works would be good, maybe a flow chart or similar to show the process flow when someone raises a petition?

      3. I have a twitter account but not everyone does, as a new player or a non twitter user how would this benefit me? Are these people the right people to hassle about a single petition?

      4. I agree escalation in some cases might be required but how do you escalate? Other than the original form you raise the petition on what else can you do? Is there an email address for escalation issues (I doubt it as everyone would use it all of the time) or do you just keep raising petitions about petitions? Again a more defined process would help.

      I agree that CSM 5 have worked very hard with CCP on this and no doubt CSM 6 will continue to, but for me I pay for a service (in this case Eve Online), I expect that when I have an issue my expectations about resolution are managed in some form, even if it’s a email to say our default SLA is 24 hours before we even look at it.

      In this case my issue is caused by CCP’s account management, not by any action from my part and as such I would expect it to be looked into quickly and resolved.


  3. March 1, 2011 at 13:37

    Your points are very valid, and I hope they are noted by CSM and CCP. I encourage you to repost this in the EVE Online CSM forum that it may get the attention it deserves.

  4. March 2, 2011 at 16:43

    I think the big thing here is still one of the weaknesses of CCP which is communication.

    That IS something CSM5 and hopefully CSM6 will be working on.

    IF the resolution had been at the same speed but in the interim you had received
    1) Your petition had been received and a copy of it note
    2) Your petition is being evaluated
    3) (maybe) you petition has been escalated

    followed by the finale would that have made it more palatable? To know it did not just go down the internet tubes and vanish?


    • March 2, 2011 at 17:01

      Hi Mike, thank you for your comment.

      First off I agree the CSM have made headway in a lot of areas of Eve and as a player I appreciate the time and effort they have all put in (and continue to do so).

      Overall having my petition resolved in under 24 hours is to be honest a decent resolution time, but you are right a bit more communication would have been better and I believe would be a simple fix to put in place.

      An email to say my petition was logged (and a reference number if possible) would have been a good start so at least I know that it’s in the system.

      Again when I added notes to the petition an email to show this would have been nice.

      Addtional emails about escalation or petition “under review” or even that it’s been assigned to a GM would have provided a much better customer focused experience.

      I understand that the GM’s miust have 1000’s of petitions to sort though, maybe CCP could look to publish stats about the number of petitions logged/resolved and approximate resolution time. This would help people have a clearer picture of the work the GM’s do and the average response time.

      I’ve heard from various people a wide range of “average” resolution times so any clearer definition of these would make the customer support part of Eve a much more open part of the game.


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