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Gen: Updates and general chat

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Eve adventures (apart from my rant last week about petitions), this is mostly due to the lack of in-game time I’ve had lately (RL sucks sometimes) but more about the lack of any decent to blog about..

I’m slowly getting more Eve time (now my internet is working again) so I thought I would give you a general update.

Durz0 Blint – Is currently training a mix of ship and indy skills. Durz0 can now refine ice which means we are close to having enough POS fuel to last a couple of months. We have all the POS modules required so all we need now is a WH to move into it. Durz0 is also about 5 weeks away from perfect shield skills and then I will be moving onto missile skills. I have no plans for any new shineys for Durz0 so he will keep grinding the lvl 4’s in his Scorpion.

Desire Blint – Desire is now capable of fielding T2 salvagers and is working towards a hulk, which once in WH space should help bring in some high end ores for the Corp.

Durzo Smith – Durzo has been quiet lately, he’s training Min Cruiser 5 at the moment which will first in 3 days and then he will be training up the skills for a Loki, this will be a cloaky Loki for WH hunting and general cloaky goodness.

Abaddon Innovations is still recruiting, we are sitting at 12 members but due to my lack of game time means recruitment is slow but the guys in the Corp are an awesome bunch who have been grinding missions for the last few weeks and our Corp wallet is looking very healthy at the moment.. 🙂

Hulkageddon and been and gone and to be honest I still flew my Noctis on missions and I still saw miners out and about. It might be our distance from low sec but we are 2 jumps from 0.0 space so I was expecting a bit more ganking..

At the moment I’m feeling a bit “bored” of grinding missions and mining, don’t get me wrong I still do them but I think I need a break, the pull of PVP is calling to me and although ABADD isn’t a PVP corp I might go solo in low sec for a while, while looking for a new WH home. I’m hoping that our new WH home will provide the extra “challenge” I’m looking for.. Who knows I might turn out good at PVP after dieing a few times (or lots).. 🙂

Since playing Eve I’ve read lots about “unscannable” ships.. How do you make your ship unscannable? Can only certain ships become undetectable?? ANy tips/hints or fittings would be appreciated. I might even start to write more about my fittings for certain ships I fly..

Fly safe

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  1. mikeazariah
    March 7, 2011 at 21:06

    I believe it is the equation of (sig radius)/(sensor strength)
    If you get it less than 1.08 then you are pretty well unscannable
    closer you are to the 1.08, the harder you are to find.
    http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Avoiding_scan_probes is a place to start

    than help?

    If it did, toss me a vote in the election


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