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PI: Popping my planetery cherry!!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I have managed some more Eve time and actual managed to get some stuff done.

Durz0 Blint has some nice shiny new Faction cruise launchers (got to spend the LP’s on something) which gives him some more DPS which is great for missions. Skill wise he’s working through the skills that have the word “upgrades” in it so he should be able to fit most ships.

Durzo Smith has a new shiny as well.. after completing Minmatar Cruiser V he is now the proud owner of a Loki, this will be his mission running ship (still trying to get his sec status up) and maybe it will be used for WH ops once we are settled. He has a few more scanning skills to improve and then he will be hunting down our new WH home.

Now the real work has been with Desire Blint.. Desire is my hauler toon and salvager but I’ve now put her to work with PI. I’ve resisted doing any PI since it’s release because I didn’t have the time or desire to do it.

Rather than reading about PI first I dived straight in and started building like crazy on a Barren planet.. The result, well to be honest it looked like someone have vomited on the planet.. 🙂 A quick for HELP on #tweetfleet and I was pointed towards the Eve Uni PI Guide, I have to say this made a lot more sense to me and I was soon removing and starting from scratch again. Desire now has 5 planets working towards producing as much POS fuel as I can and I have to say I’m enjoying it, in fact most of my game time is spent checking my planets and “tweaking” things.

In fact I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve created my first PI only alt who also has 5 planets currently and is helping with the POS fuel. I actually plan to create another PI alt as well.. Can never have too many alts.. 🙂

The end goal will be to have 3 toons managing 6 planets each, all producing POS fuel components. ONce we are in a WH I may move a couple of them into the WH to produce fuel there so this is currently my “practice” time in high sec.

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