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Gen: War, Corps & Alliances

So things in Eve have been quiet lately, Corp members have been slim on the ground and other than playing around with PI my game time has been limited. Currently I’m lacking something in my game time that I use to have, and that’s the challenge and enjoyment of something new. Mission running is fine, it serves a purpose by helping to build up the corp wallet and provide materials for building stuff but let’s be honest it gets old really quick. I’ve run out of things I want to build and mining by yourself takes time for little reward even with a Orca providing bonuses.

Taking these all into account I’ve decided to dedicate more time to Durzo Smith, he’s my 100% combat toon, at the moment he’s living in high sec with still a negative sec status that stops him getting into 0.7 or higher systems. So that will be the first change, I will grind some missions so he’s free to fly in high sec. After/during that I’m looking to move him into a new corp,
my idea is that I can use him for mischief while still mission running etc on my other toons..

Now onto Corp life, I read a blog post from Black Claw about “how to be a ceo”, after reading that I realised that I mostly fail as a CEO, I’m happy to admit my short comings, the point of running my own corp wasn’t to make it a huge corp, just rather somewhere to call my own rather than paying other people to play (tax). The outcome of this realisation this morning? I’m going to take the time to re-evaluate the direction of the corp, the plans for moving into a WH will still exist but until I can build the numbers up it will be on hold. Another upcoming change is a move from Ibura. It’s a nice system don’t get me wrong but we are wedged in a pipe between 0.0 space and high sec which doesn’t give much scope for moving around systems and we miss out on a good market hub. The hunt will be on once the current war is over (see below for more details).

On Friday my alliance PIES (PIT Industries Enterprises) got war dec’d by The Banana Republic, this alliance is made up of some holder corps and 1 active corp called Two Man Gang. This war dec’ing alliance also war dec’d about 4 other alliances (including Goonswarm) at the same time so it’s pretty safe to say they are a high sec war corp.. What doesn’t make sense is the reaction from the Alliance..

I logged in on Friday night to talk in the Alliance Chat about the war dec, now for me the first thing I always do whenever looking at new recruits or other corps is RESEARCH!!!

My research (via Dotlan, Battleclinic, Google and Killboards) found that Two Man Gang (who don’t post many losses on their own killboard) was made up of 16 members (including alts), that operated primarily in high sec. My research also showed that there were a lot of 2007 toons and they liked to fly T3’s usually in a small gang.

All make sense? I shared this research in alliance chat and the majority of the come back was that they were a small corp that shouldn’t be a threat and more of an annoyance..Now for me I’ve never been war dec’d before but I always air on the side of concern when making such claims, there was also Alliance talk about forming gangs of T1 frigate to swarm the enemy if they showed up.

Now fast forward to Monday morning when I logged back in, the main corp in the Alliance had lost 3 ships (drake, BS and a frigate containing rigs) not of which were PVP fit and the alliance is now down 4 member corps (not sure it relates to the war) and no one willing to talk about why. Last night when I logged in Alliance chat was empty and no one really want to talk other than to say that the war was having a negative impact on the Alliance..

So in short here are my tips if you get war dec’d.

1. Never underestimate your enemy
2. RESEARCH – information is power
3. Don’t fly what you can’t fight in
4. Watching local is fine, just remember NPC scouts
5. Small corp doesn’t make them weak
6. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH (it’s in caps for a reason)

On other news, I’m now training my 3rd PI alt and Durz0 Blint will start training soon so I can have 20 planets making stuff.

Fly safe

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  1. Marc Scaurus
    March 29, 2011 at 16:05

    Sounds like your alliance should’ve listened to you. Unfortunately (or not, depending on your POV), alliances like yours are the reason that high sec war dec corps/alliances even exist. There is no shortage of individuals and organizations that think because the enemy is small in number, or even low in SP, that they aren’t a threat.

  2. March 31, 2011 at 06:34

    I would like to discuss some possibilities with you if you would have the time. Our corp is currently working on pre-stages for doing WH’s and I think we may have alot we can talk about.

    Please feel free to contact me in-game or on twitter….PyroTech03 for both.

    Looking forward to speaking with you!

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