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Gen: Eve and my iPhone

I’m a proud iPhone owner and I use it (among other things) to keep tabs on things Eve related. This is my list of iPhone apps that I use for Eve.

1. Capsuleer – Even though it’s no longer an official iPhone app it still sits on my iPhone and I still use it for getting a quick view of my toons skills and ISK balances. The best feature of Capsuleer for me was the method for adding accounts. It far exceeds any other Eve iPhone app for the ease of adding new accounts.

2. iClone – I use iClone primarily for keeping tabs on Corp related functions, such as member tracking, corp wallet balances and corp market orders. The only downside for me with iClone is the time it takes to download new data.

3. Twitter – I have an Eve related account which I use to stay in touch with the latest from the #tweetfleet crew and for advertising my new blog posts. For me twitter enables me to ask questions in #tweetfleet and get back good information back.

4. WordPress Statistics – I have a WordPress hosted blog, so this app allows me to keep traffic of my blog traffic when I’m away from my computer. It has a nice graphical interface and the information is useful and lets you view graphs for the number of “hits” you’ve received.

5. WordPress – This is the official WordPress app for WordPress hosted blogs. I only really use this for approving comments as I find it clunky to write new blog posts via this app.

6. MobileRSS – The day wouldn’t be complete without checking the latest blog posts from other Eve players. This app syncs with my Google Reader RSS feeds and again lets me keep in touch with things when out and about.

7. EveUniverse – This is a fairly new Eve app, it provides much the same functionality as Capsuleer and iClone but it does let you view market buy/sell orders “live” which is a nice feature.

So that’s it.. all the apps I use that relate to Eve. If I’ve missed any that you my faithful readers use let me know and I will give them a try.

Would like to say a BIG thank you to all the iPhone developers that have taken the time and effort to make the Eve apps, you are the unsung heroes or the game.

Fly safe

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  1. March 30, 2011 at 12:26

    Some very interesting apps here I could use myself, thanks for bringing them to the attention. Time to visit the app store.

    • March 30, 2011 at 12:51

      Glad you found it useful always happy to share with other Eve players.

      Posted from iPhone

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