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EON: ISK Vol 1.

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Morning my loyal and happy readers. Being the hardcore Eve gamers that we are I’m sure you are all aware about the ISK 3.0 Guide, which has been available for download in PDF format for a while now. I haven’t had a chance to read the whole guide yet (although it is on my iPhone) but it’s one of those Eve resources that you can’t live without (new or old player).

You know have the chance to buy the ISK Guide in paper format, so you can take it with you no matter where you go (meetings, parties, church on Sunday etc etc).

And now a word from our sponsor:

As most of you know, we released the ISK 3.0 Guide in February as a free download – to huge critical acclaim. [ISK = Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase]. This is the exhaustive manual, which EVE has been crying out for since 2003!

Since the release of that free PDF edition, we’ve been inundated with requests for a printed version, a physical product you can hold, pick up and refer to either AFK or while playing the game. We’ve listened, and we’ve responded.
So here it is; ISK Volume 1 as a physical product is now available to pre-order. This monumental near 400 page wire-bound volume covers everything there is to know about EVE – whether you’re on a 14-day trail account or you’re an experienced long-termer. As a special offer for the early birds among you, there’s even a $5 discount for all pre-orders; in order to receive the discount you MUST apply the code ISK305. If you don’t see the discount being applied immediately, check again before completing your order.

The pre-order period (and therefore the $5 discount) lasts until April 14th. Click here and we’ll take you right along to the Store…

Happy shopping..

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Gen: Making friends

April 11, 2011 4 comments

So you have all read about how we are no longer part of the PIES Alliance, in fact since ABADD left the PIES Alliance has pretty much disbanded, I don’t know the reasons why the other corps left only mine own and I stand by my decision to leave.

Alliances are great, as long as you find a good one that communicates well, gives you direction and makes you feel a bit of something “bigger and better”, one day ABADD will probably join another Alliance but I will take the time to make sure it’s the right one.

That being said Eve can be a lonely place especially for smaller corps trying to find their way, it always nice to have other people to talk with and work with especially if you are sitting along in corp chat (as we all must find from time to time).

A couple of days after leaving PIES, I was approached by the CEO of Legion of Darkwind (L.OD) asking if I would interested in becoming “allies” or blues as it is often referred to. L.OD like ABADD are a small corp just finding their way but we share similar interests and goals, and as they are located in the same region of space PyroTech03 (the L.OD CEO) asked if I would be interested in forming an informal alliance between our 2 corps.

I finally got myself a bit more organised and joined the in-game channel that PyroTech03 created and this morning (in between getting ready for work) had a chance to chat with some of the guys from L.OD. They all seem a nice bunch and over the next few weeks I hope to get the chance to fly with some of them and maybe organise a corp vs corp frigate competition.

I understand the “need” for Alliances in Eve but for us smaller corps, this kind of informal Alliance is a great way to start, it will enable us to make friends, build relationships, without all the politics that is very often forced upon us in the larger Alliances. I encourage all the smaller corps to look at this, making other corps blue is a good way to help both your corp and the other corps grow into something bigger and better on your own terms in your own time.

If you are small corp looking for some friends to fly with now and again, drop Pyrotech03 an eve mail and ask about joining this coalition of corps as we try to make our way through Eve.

Fly safe (and don’t forget, you don’t have to be alone).

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PVP: Going solo…

April 8, 2011 1 comment

So I’ve been thinking over the last few days on what to do with Durzo (my pvper, sort of), I had thought about becoming a Ninja but to be honest not sure if I will have the time to hunt down carebears. So I’ve been looking around for some PVP corps to see what the options are. Now don’t get me wrong there are lots of good PVP corps out there and I’ve been researching them and looking at their forum recruitment posts. The thing that keeps coming back to me is my lack of solo PVP and/or general PVP experience. I’ve done a bit of PVP in the past but my solo kills have always been Cyno frigates in low sec. In fact my greatest PVP victory was as a pirate where I flew a rifter and another Black Rabbit was in a Dramiel and we took down a Hurricane.

Taking this all into account I’ve moved Durzo back down to Amo, which is a 0.5 system next to Auner (where I flew as a Rabbit) and I’m going to throw myself into solo PVP. I know there has been a lot of talk about solo PVP being dead but I need to learn to PVP on my terms and learn the hard way how to die and then hopefully survive.

So in the next few months I will be throwing myself into the art of dying (a lot) in order to try to improve my PVP skills. Lots of ships will be sacrificed and thousand of rounds of ammo spent in the pursuit of this (not to mention losing my sec status again) but I hope that in a few months I can say that I’m a PVPer of some skill or just cannon fodder for low sec dwellers..

Fly safe

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PVP: Which direction do I go…

I’ve reached a point in my Eve life that I want to experience more PVP. Now I have a Minmatar PVP toon which is just shy of 20mil SP. He can fly armour tanked (for the time being) T3’s, assault frigs, Cans’s, cov-ops and limited BS skills. Since his birth he’s been training for combat but never really reached the goal (other than a short term as a pirate).

Currently Durzo Smith’s sec status is -3.77 which allows him into limited high sec systems. Based on my knowledge of Eve here are what I believe are my choices:

1. Pirate (move back to low sec, find a pirate corp and head back down to -10).
2. Grind my sec status up and join a high sec griefing corp.
3. Try my hand at being a Merc (grind sec status)
4. Become a Ninja (grind sec status)
5. Join a FW corp (grind sec status)
6. Try solo PVP in low sec and try and keep my sec status the same (wait to get attacked).
7. Move to 0.0 space

Now I’m open to advice, hints, tips anything really. Have I missed anything?? What is the best way to get more PVP??

NOTE: my play time is limited (not to mention having 5 toons across 3 accounts) and I can’t always use a mic due to RL.

Fly safe

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Gen: Observations on Alliances

April 4, 2011 1 comment

So following on from my last blog post about the Alliance we were in getting war dec’d I took the decision last week to leave PIES. I want to share some of my observations about Alliances.

1. You join an Alliance to be part of something bigger, you trust the Alliance leaders to lead and give you (a member corp) direction and instructions. So Alliance leadership.. LEAD..

2. Communication is key, any corp joining an Alliance needs to know who does what in the Alliance and leadership structure, who to speak to about ops, logistics etc etc.

3. If you run an Alliance, try to recruit other corps that are in the same TZ, or at least have a director/alliance leader that is in the same TZ that other corps work in.

4. Forums are great for inter-alliance communication, but keep them private, don’t post things in “public” sections that allow anyone to see them. Things like POS locations, Ops, etc etc need to be private.

5. Alliances aren’t cheap to make so if you are going to create one do it properly. Why waste the time and ISK doing something half arsed..

To me communication is key when you are in an Alliance, you might have lots of member corps all on different TZ’s and CEO’s need to know what everyone is doing. Meetings are great if they are in the right TZ for everyone and if that’s not possible then publish the outcome, let people know what the Alliance is working towards and why.

I still think Alliances have a purpose, and hopefully one day I will find one that suits ABADD and it’s members.

Fly safe

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