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Gen: Observations on Alliances

So following on from my last blog post about the Alliance we were in getting war dec’d I took the decision last week to leave PIES. I want to share some of my observations about Alliances.

1. You join an Alliance to be part of something bigger, you trust the Alliance leaders to lead and give you (a member corp) direction and instructions. So Alliance leadership.. LEAD..

2. Communication is key, any corp joining an Alliance needs to know who does what in the Alliance and leadership structure, who to speak to about ops, logistics etc etc.

3. If you run an Alliance, try to recruit other corps that are in the same TZ, or at least have a director/alliance leader that is in the same TZ that other corps work in.

4. Forums are great for inter-alliance communication, but keep them private, don’t post things in “public” sections that allow anyone to see them. Things like POS locations, Ops, etc etc need to be private.

5. Alliances aren’t cheap to make so if you are going to create one do it properly. Why waste the time and ISK doing something half arsed..

To me communication is key when you are in an Alliance, you might have lots of member corps all on different TZ’s and CEO’s need to know what everyone is doing. Meetings are great if they are in the right TZ for everyone and if that’s not possible then publish the outcome, let people know what the Alliance is working towards and why.

I still think Alliances have a purpose, and hopefully one day I will find one that suits ABADD and it’s members.

Fly safe

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  1. April 4, 2011 at 16:01

    You should checkout the Talocan United. You know you love your wormholes.

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