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PVP: Which direction do I go…

I’ve reached a point in my Eve life that I want to experience more PVP. Now I have a Minmatar PVP toon which is just shy of 20mil SP. He can fly armour tanked (for the time being) T3’s, assault frigs, Cans’s, cov-ops and limited BS skills. Since his birth he’s been training for combat but never really reached the goal (other than a short term as a pirate).

Currently Durzo Smith’s sec status is -3.77 which allows him into limited high sec systems. Based on my knowledge of Eve here are what I believe are my choices:

1. Pirate (move back to low sec, find a pirate corp and head back down to -10).
2. Grind my sec status up and join a high sec griefing corp.
3. Try my hand at being a Merc (grind sec status)
4. Become a Ninja (grind sec status)
5. Join a FW corp (grind sec status)
6. Try solo PVP in low sec and try and keep my sec status the same (wait to get attacked).
7. Move to 0.0 space

Now I’m open to advice, hints, tips anything really. Have I missed anything?? What is the best way to get more PVP??

NOTE: my play time is limited (not to mention having 5 toons across 3 accounts) and I can’t always use a mic due to RL.

Fly safe

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