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PVP: Going solo…

So I’ve been thinking over the last few days on what to do with Durzo (my pvper, sort of), I had thought about becoming a Ninja but to be honest not sure if I will have the time to hunt down carebears. So I’ve been looking around for some PVP corps to see what the options are. Now don’t get me wrong there are lots of good PVP corps out there and I’ve been researching them and looking at their forum recruitment posts. The thing that keeps coming back to me is my lack of solo PVP and/or general PVP experience. I’ve done a bit of PVP in the past but my solo kills have always been Cyno frigates in low sec. In fact my greatest PVP victory was as a pirate where I flew a rifter and another Black Rabbit was in a Dramiel and we took down a Hurricane.

Taking this all into account I’ve moved Durzo back down to Amo, which is a 0.5 system next to Auner (where I flew as a Rabbit) and I’m going to throw myself into solo PVP. I know there has been a lot of talk about solo PVP being dead but I need to learn to PVP on my terms and learn the hard way how to die and then hopefully survive.

So in the next few months I will be throwing myself into the art of dying (a lot) in order to try to improve my PVP skills. Lots of ships will be sacrificed and thousand of rounds of ammo spent in the pursuit of this (not to mention losing my sec status again) but I hope that in a few months I can say that I’m a PVPer of some skill or just cannon fodder for low sec dwellers..

Fly safe

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  1. FNG
    April 8, 2011 at 18:57

    Don’t believe the lies. Solo PvP isn’t dead, because as long as people like yourself are trying it, you’re bound to run into someone else in the exact same position. I know the Rabbits closed down their training Corp, but Blood Money Boot Camp is still accepting applications with no previous PvP experience. We don’t accept alts though, which may be a non-starter if you’re not actually committed to going the Lowsec Pirate route full time. Best of luck while going it alone though.

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