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PVP: Still going..

May 27, 2011 1 comment

So my PVP activities are still underway in Arnon, I’ve had a mixture of success and failure this week but in all it’s been a positive experience for me and 90% of what I do in game at the moment is PVP focused (our Alliance is at war so station spinning isn’t really that much fun).

Since my last post I’ve managed 2 kills and 2 loses. I fitted a flew a blaster/rocket Merlin but lost it to a PVP fit Thrasher, what I learnt from that encounter was Merlin’s are good but maybe try a Rail/neut fit next so I can stay outside of AC’s range and kit the damage. I then lost a AC fitted Thrasher to a PVP fit Rupture again I was up against a bigger class ship and my shield tanked Thrasher went down quicker than I hoped.

Both of those encounters were “real” 1v1 matches as opposed to me can flipping or looting wrecks.. 🙂

I did have some success in my Merlin and managed to get this kill against a Caracal cruiser, to be honest the guy was new and I think saw me turn Red and just started firing.

The last few days I’ve been working on my d-scan skills and I’m pleased that I’m improving, last night I took my Wolf to low sec next day and spent some time hunting down a Thorax that was ratting, I managed to track him down to a belt a couple of times but he warped off before I could point him (second time around I was less than 1KM away from getting my overheated scram on him).

After that the guy docked up I headed back to Arnon and skipped between the belts (still in my Wolf), I watched some 2008 character kill a mining cruiser and then brag about it in local till everyone stated taking the piss out of his fit.. :). In one belt I saw another Caracal mining away and swiped some loot from a wreck belonging to him. I warped off and to my surprise the guy convo’d me and started giving me abuse. He invited me back to see what would happen, not wanting to turn him down I warped to safe and started hunting him with d-scan, couple of minutes later I was in warp ready for a fight.

I landed in the belt, locked him up and charged towards him setting my orbit for 500m (works out about 1000m with AB on), he started launching missiles at me and the game was on. Now I fly mostly armour fits for PVP but it still freaks the crap out me when my shields drop. Anyway back to the fight.. my shields were gone within a few volleys and my barrage rounds weren’t even denting his shields, my NOS and armour repairer were keeping my armour damage down (my damage was repaired each cycle) so I swapped to some RF EMP rounds.. Now the tide turned, his shields soon started dropping and once past those it wasn’t long before he went POP .

I looted the wreck which had dropped a lot of T2 modules, the guy convo’d me again and gf’s were exchanged. It turned out his caracal was bait and he wanted to have a go at taking out a Wolf. I ended up trading his dropped modules back at station and I soon logged after that.

I’m still enjoying this learning curve, I try to take on ships either bigger than or pilots in similar ships. I prefer the fights to be 1v1 rather than annoying people into a fight but I will take what I can at the moment. I’m also learning a lot about fittings and what to fit to my ships and what to avoid.. What can I say it’s FUN!! 🙂

Fly safe

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PVP: You win some you lose some..

Last night I logged in and started my regular warp around the belts in Arnon looking for fun. To be honest it was quiet and no one was willing to play. I must have spent an hour flipping cans, looting wrecks and chasing people around the system but no one was up for a fight. I was just about to call it quits and do something else when I found an Osprey mining with some of his wrecks nearby. I looted a wreck, targeted the cruiser and set my orbit nice and tight.

Now I never expect people to start firing on me and even though he had drones out I was getting bored (it had been a long night of finding nothing), the next thing I know his bloodclaw missiles started pounding me shields.. game on… :). Scrammed, webbed and my AC’s pouring out the pain (I know, I know easy target etc etc).. It didn’t end well for the miner and I got another kill to add to my KB (click HERE).

After the fight I docked up, dropped off the loot from the various wrecks and then decided to pop next door to low sec. The low sec system next to Arnon is called Adirain and is usually quiet when I’ve been in there before. Last night was no expectation there was myself and one other guy (think he was running a mission or something), I warped around the belts killed a couple of rats and then local spiked with a new flashy red friend flying a rifter.

I warped around for a bit checking the gates to see if I could find him, I warped back to the Arnon gate ready to head back to the station when I decided to try and hunt him down with my d-scan (I need the practice). I managed to get lucky and found my new friend at a close by planet, so I warped off to see if he was there. I landed 100KM from my friend and rather than warp out and back in again I overheated my AB and set off for the fight.

When he was in range all systems went hot and I overloaded my guns and nos to put maximum damage down. I knew it wouldn’t turn out good for me when I lost my shields in two hits, but I carried on, there was a small glimer of hope as I chewed through his armour and mine was being repaired but once I hit structure I knew the end was near. My rifter went pop and due to some human error on my part I lost my pod and woke up back in Halle (where all my ships are though).

Lesson’s I learnt..

1. I need some JC’s one for Arnon with some cheap implants and an empty one for low sec mischief.
2. I will move all my ships down to Arnon and that will be my new home for the time being.
3. I still love PVP

Fly crazy

PS Happy Patch Day – Durz0 Blint is going to spend him skill points from the Social skills on getting T2 Cruise Missiles.. 🙂

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PVP: Saying hi to the locals

May 18, 2011 2 comments

Last night I got a chance for a bit of Eve so I logged Durzo Smith in and undocked to say hi to the locals to Arnon. I’ve only been in Arnon for a couple of days but I like it here so far. I warped off to the first belt in the system to see what was occurring.

Now I have to admit I’m a full time can flipper and wreck looter, with the sole purpose of trying to get a fight or two.

I warped around the belts, found some people jet canning (silly silly people) and took the time to liberate their ore into my own can’s.. 🙂 No one was interested in a fight, some poor miner did decide to post in local about my “outlaw” status I assume hoping someone would come and kill me.. I don’t think he realised that you can just shoot people with bounties unless they are red to you.. 🙂 The outcome was…. well someone read my blog, posted nice things and wished me luck.. (I love Eve..) 🙂

With no success from the can flipping (I’ve worked out a good plan for doing this), I decided to loot some wrecks and see if that got me anywhere..Even despite chasing someone between belts and locking them I still couldn’t get a fight.. 😦

Arnon is full of new players and lots of activity, but it seems the locals aren’t that easy to annoy.. Well I shall continue and see what else I can come up.. might even move the rest of my ships down here so I’ve got more to play with..

Durzo is still looking for a PVP corp, had 1 offer through my blog just trying to get a bit more practice in first..

I have also moved my killboard over to as I like it more and it’s free with no ads.. 🙂

Fly safe

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PVP: Starting small

May 16, 2011 1 comment

So I decided rather than complaining about not getting any PVP I should shut up and go find some.. so I did..

I fly off in my pod to Arnon where I know a lot of people hang around causing mischief and mayhem and there is always a fight to find. Once there I bought myself a Rifter and fitted it out from a link on BattleClinic and off I went.

First stop was low sec next door.. I spent a bit of time trying to hunt down an Omen cruiser but missed him so I went back to Arnon and started flying between Asteriod belts. A few belts later I found a rifter piloted by Conor Mack shooting some rats so I took the time to loot one of his wrecks, then targetted him and started orbiting…

Now at this point my heart was pounding and I was running through a mental checklist.. guns overloaded.. check.. damage control on.. check.. ammo in guns… check..

If seemed like an age and I was beginning to think nothing was going to happen apart from two rifters doing a slow dance around each other.. then it all turned red… 🙂

My AC’s started spraying hot rounds of faction EMP rounds, while my fingers nervously tried clicking on all the right modules, scram, web, nos all active and working. My rounds where taking chunks of his shield and mine were holding up.. Once we hit armour I have to say I was nervous I hoped my tank lasted.. his ship was taking more damage than mine and I cycled the overheat on my guns to prevent burn out.. slowly my EMP rounds were doing the business and as he entered structure I still had well over 50% armour left and my armour repper was doing an awesome job..

Just before he popped I deactivated my warp scram and once his egg was in space I locked and scrammed him.. now the pirate in me said “POD!!” but after gf’s where exchanged I released him (forgot the loot though..)..

So here is the first of my PVP (and no doubt losses) Killmails

It’s a small victory but it’s a start.. god I love PVP.. 🙂

Fly safe

PS sorry if this is a bit dis-jointed still buzzing from the fight.. 🙂

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PVP: It’s not easy (well for me..)

May 13, 2011 1 comment

So I’ve not posted properly for a few weeks now.. Mostly for 2 reasons.. 1) I have nothing exciting to share 2) I’ve not been playing Eve a lot lately due to RL (and that theme is going to continue for a bit)..

I’ve spent the majority of my time in Eve as a carebear with occasionally bouts of PVP when I find the opportunity, I tend to die when the opportunity arises but I still enjoy the heart pounding rush that is PVP in Eve. For me as a time limited, low experience PVPer here is what I see as the problems when trying to PVP.

1. Finding a corp – Solo PVP is hard, if you have no/low experience it’s even harder and you tend to die a lot. It’s better if you can find a good corp that will teach you and you can fly with. For me the issue is that a lot of corps say “RL comes first” but there is still an exception to join in ops, be logged in on a regular basis and be part of the “team”.. That’s fine I understand that but if you are limited in your game time, who do you fly with? Other than massive corps with hundreds of members that don’t notice your absence it can be hard to find someone who accepts that RL is RL and there is no escape sometimes.

2. ISK – PVP is expensive and a lot of newer players can’t afford lots of ships and modules, especially those you might need to solo PVP in and losing ships when you are low on ISK can drain the will to fight.

Recently Durzo Smith joined a small PVP corp that promised high sec warfare/griefer and that RL always came first. Since joining the 20 man corp war dec’d the RvB Corps (400 odd members) and jumped between 0.0 and high sec for a couple of weeks. RL stopped me from taking part (1 night I did loose a Rifter in a 1v1) so yesterday I left the corp, before being kicked (which was planned for Sunday according to the corp forums).

Before that I tried to join RvB but got turned down because of my sec status.. 😦

I’ve then thought about joining a pirate corp (i’ve been a pirate before and actually did enjoy it) but then I wonder if I can’t log in for a few days or can only play once or twice a week am I going to be kicked??

I want to PVP, I want to feel that heart pounding rush of excitement as I lock a ship up and start firing my autocannons at it, but alas it’s hard to find a corp that doesn’t mind low activity players (not saying there aren’t any corps, just I can’t find them).

I also want to be a pirate again. Yarrrr!!!

I’ve sorted out my ISK support network so I can make ISK from PI and other carebear activities and have a suitable alt to provide logistics services. In lieu of finding a pirate corp that a) teaches people to pvp and b) doesn’t mind those with busy RL I will go it alone.. Yes I will die.. lots.. but I slowly feel my full on carebear days are coming to an end..

Fly safe

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Gen: I’m still here..

Hello, yes its me the long lost Durz.. I’m still here and still playing Eve just not as much as before..

I will post a better update in the next couple of days to give you all a bit more detail on what’s being going on in my world the last 4 weeks..

Fly safe,

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