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PVP: It’s not easy (well for me..)

So I’ve not posted properly for a few weeks now.. Mostly for 2 reasons.. 1) I have nothing exciting to share 2) I’ve not been playing Eve a lot lately due to RL (and that theme is going to continue for a bit)..

I’ve spent the majority of my time in Eve as a carebear with occasionally bouts of PVP when I find the opportunity, I tend to die when the opportunity arises but I still enjoy the heart pounding rush that is PVP in Eve. For me as a time limited, low experience PVPer here is what I see as the problems when trying to PVP.

1. Finding a corp – Solo PVP is hard, if you have no/low experience it’s even harder and you tend to die a lot. It’s better if you can find a good corp that will teach you and you can fly with. For me the issue is that a lot of corps say “RL comes first” but there is still an exception to join in ops, be logged in on a regular basis and be part of the “team”.. That’s fine I understand that but if you are limited in your game time, who do you fly with? Other than massive corps with hundreds of members that don’t notice your absence it can be hard to find someone who accepts that RL is RL and there is no escape sometimes.

2. ISK – PVP is expensive and a lot of newer players can’t afford lots of ships and modules, especially those you might need to solo PVP in and losing ships when you are low on ISK can drain the will to fight.

Recently Durzo Smith joined a small PVP corp that promised high sec warfare/griefer and that RL always came first. Since joining the 20 man corp war dec’d the RvB Corps (400 odd members) and jumped between 0.0 and high sec for a couple of weeks. RL stopped me from taking part (1 night I did loose a Rifter in a 1v1) so yesterday I left the corp, before being kicked (which was planned for Sunday according to the corp forums).

Before that I tried to join RvB but got turned down because of my sec status.. 😦

I’ve then thought about joining a pirate corp (i’ve been a pirate before and actually did enjoy it) but then I wonder if I can’t log in for a few days or can only play once or twice a week am I going to be kicked??

I want to PVP, I want to feel that heart pounding rush of excitement as I lock a ship up and start firing my autocannons at it, but alas it’s hard to find a corp that doesn’t mind low activity players (not saying there aren’t any corps, just I can’t find them).

I also want to be a pirate again. Yarrrr!!!

I’ve sorted out my ISK support network so I can make ISK from PI and other carebear activities and have a suitable alt to provide logistics services. In lieu of finding a pirate corp that a) teaches people to pvp and b) doesn’t mind those with busy RL I will go it alone.. Yes I will die.. lots.. but I slowly feel my full on carebear days are coming to an end..

Fly safe

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  1. May 13, 2011 at 14:08

    You are welcome to apply to my corp. Join our public channel ‘pyrotechnics’ or just evemail me.

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