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PVP: Starting small

So I decided rather than complaining about not getting any PVP I should shut up and go find some.. so I did..

I fly off in my pod to Arnon where I know a lot of people hang around causing mischief and mayhem and there is always a fight to find. Once there I bought myself a Rifter and fitted it out from a link on BattleClinic and off I went.

First stop was low sec next door.. I spent a bit of time trying to hunt down an Omen cruiser but missed him so I went back to Arnon and started flying between Asteriod belts. A few belts later I found a rifter piloted by Conor Mack shooting some rats so I took the time to loot one of his wrecks, then targetted him and started orbiting…

Now at this point my heart was pounding and I was running through a mental checklist.. guns overloaded.. check.. damage control on.. check.. ammo in guns… check..

If seemed like an age and I was beginning to think nothing was going to happen apart from two rifters doing a slow dance around each other.. then it all turned red… 🙂

My AC’s started spraying hot rounds of faction EMP rounds, while my fingers nervously tried clicking on all the right modules, scram, web, nos all active and working. My rounds where taking chunks of his shield and mine were holding up.. Once we hit armour I have to say I was nervous I hoped my tank lasted.. his ship was taking more damage than mine and I cycled the overheat on my guns to prevent burn out.. slowly my EMP rounds were doing the business and as he entered structure I still had well over 50% armour left and my armour repper was doing an awesome job..

Just before he popped I deactivated my warp scram and once his egg was in space I locked and scrammed him.. now the pirate in me said “POD!!” but after gf’s where exchanged I released him (forgot the loot though..)..

So here is the first of my PVP (and no doubt losses) Killmails

It’s a small victory but it’s a start.. god I love PVP.. 🙂

Fly safe

PS sorry if this is a bit dis-jointed still buzzing from the fight.. 🙂

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