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PVP: Saying hi to the locals

Last night I got a chance for a bit of Eve so I logged Durzo Smith in and undocked to say hi to the locals to Arnon. I’ve only been in Arnon for a couple of days but I like it here so far. I warped off to the first belt in the system to see what was occurring.

Now I have to admit I’m a full time can flipper and wreck looter, with the sole purpose of trying to get a fight or two.

I warped around the belts, found some people jet canning (silly silly people) and took the time to liberate their ore into my own can’s.. 🙂 No one was interested in a fight, some poor miner did decide to post in local about my “outlaw” status I assume hoping someone would come and kill me.. I don’t think he realised that you can just shoot people with bounties unless they are red to you.. 🙂 The outcome was…. well someone read my blog, posted nice things and wished me luck.. (I love Eve..) 🙂

With no success from the can flipping (I’ve worked out a good plan for doing this), I decided to loot some wrecks and see if that got me anywhere..Even despite chasing someone between belts and locking them I still couldn’t get a fight.. 😦

Arnon is full of new players and lots of activity, but it seems the locals aren’t that easy to annoy.. Well I shall continue and see what else I can come up.. might even move the rest of my ships down here so I’ve got more to play with..

Durzo is still looking for a PVP corp, had 1 offer through my blog just trying to get a bit more practice in first..

I have also moved my killboard over to griefwatch.net as I like it more and it’s free with no ads.. 🙂

Fly safe

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  1. May 27, 2011 at 16:47

    I’d offer you a place at the table in Sinners., but its currently pretty inactive – just me and Tek Avellos really. I only play a couple/few nights a week as well, so not the most attractive proposition, but I’ve followed your blog a long while and can’t pass up the opportunity to offer 😛

    Good job shooting up Arnon, people that mine there deserve to die.

    • May 27, 2011 at 16:59

      To be honest I read your blog post this morning and thought about seeing if you were recruiting, I not too bothered about having lots of people in corp to talk to, prefer to be in a Corp rather than an NPC corp. I will try and grab you in-game over the weekend if you are about.. 🙂

      Yes they do deserve it.. and they enjoy it as well.. so I tell myself.. lol

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