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PVP: You win some you lose some..

Last night I logged in and started my regular warp around the belts in Arnon looking for fun. To be honest it was quiet and no one was willing to play. I must have spent an hour flipping cans, looting wrecks and chasing people around the system but no one was up for a fight. I was just about to call it quits and do something else when I found an Osprey mining with some of his wrecks nearby. I looted a wreck, targeted the cruiser and set my orbit nice and tight.

Now I never expect people to start firing on me and even though he had drones out I was getting bored (it had been a long night of finding nothing), the next thing I know his bloodclaw missiles started pounding me shields.. game on… :). Scrammed, webbed and my AC’s pouring out the pain (I know, I know easy target etc etc).. It didn’t end well for the miner and I got another kill to add to my KB (click HERE).

After the fight I docked up, dropped off the loot from the various wrecks and then decided to pop next door to low sec. The low sec system next to Arnon is called Adirain and is usually quiet when I’ve been in there before. Last night was no expectation there was myself and one other guy (think he was running a mission or something), I warped around the belts killed a couple of rats and then local spiked with a new flashy red friend flying a rifter.

I warped around for a bit checking the gates to see if I could find him, I warped back to the Arnon gate ready to head back to the station when I decided to try and hunt him down with my d-scan (I need the practice). I managed to get lucky and found my new friend at a close by planet, so I warped off to see if he was there. I landed 100KM from my friend and rather than warp out and back in again I overheated my AB and set off for the fight.

When he was in range all systems went hot and I overloaded my guns and nos to put maximum damage down. I knew it wouldn’t turn out good for me when I lost my shields in two hits, but I carried on, there was a small glimer of hope as I chewed through his armour and mine was being repaired but once I hit structure I knew the end was near. My rifter went pop and due to some human error on my part I lost my pod and woke up back in Halle (where all my ships are though).

Lesson’s I learnt..

1. I need some JC’s one for Arnon with some cheap implants and an empty one for low sec mischief.
2. I will move all my ships down to Arnon and that will be my new home for the time being.
3. I still love PVP

Fly crazy

PS Happy Patch Day – Durz0 Blint is going to spend him skill points from the Social skills on getting T2 Cruise Missiles.. 🙂

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