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PVP: Still going..

So my PVP activities are still underway in Arnon, I’ve had a mixture of success and failure this week but in all it’s been a positive experience for me and 90% of what I do in game at the moment is PVP focused (our Alliance is at war so station spinning isn’t really that much fun).

Since my last post I’ve managed 2 kills and 2 loses. I fitted a flew a blaster/rocket Merlin but lost it to a PVP fit Thrasher, what I learnt from that encounter was Merlin’s are good but maybe try a Rail/neut fit next so I can stay outside of AC’s range and kit the damage. I then lost a AC fitted Thrasher to a PVP fit Rupture again I was up against a bigger class ship and my shield tanked Thrasher went down quicker than I hoped.

Both of those encounters were “real” 1v1 matches as opposed to me can flipping or looting wrecks.. 🙂

I did have some success in my Merlin and managed to get this kill against a Caracal cruiser, to be honest the guy was new and I think saw me turn Red and just started firing.

The last few days I’ve been working on my d-scan skills and I’m pleased that I’m improving, last night I took my Wolf to low sec next day and spent some time hunting down a Thorax that was ratting, I managed to track him down to a belt a couple of times but he warped off before I could point him (second time around I was less than 1KM away from getting my overheated scram on him).

After that the guy docked up I headed back to Arnon and skipped between the belts (still in my Wolf), I watched some 2008 character kill a mining cruiser and then brag about it in local till everyone stated taking the piss out of his fit.. :). In one belt I saw another Caracal mining away and swiped some loot from a wreck belonging to him. I warped off and to my surprise the guy convo’d me and started giving me abuse. He invited me back to see what would happen, not wanting to turn him down I warped to safe and started hunting him with d-scan, couple of minutes later I was in warp ready for a fight.

I landed in the belt, locked him up and charged towards him setting my orbit for 500m (works out about 1000m with AB on), he started launching missiles at me and the game was on. Now I fly mostly armour fits for PVP but it still freaks the crap out me when my shields drop. Anyway back to the fight.. my shields were gone within a few volleys and my barrage rounds weren’t even denting his shields, my NOS and armour repairer were keeping my armour damage down (my damage was repaired each cycle) so I swapped to some RF EMP rounds.. Now the tide turned, his shields soon started dropping and once past those it wasn’t long before he went POP .

I looted the wreck which had dropped a lot of T2 modules, the guy convo’d me again and gf’s were exchanged. It turned out his caracal was bait and he wanted to have a go at taking out a Wolf. I ended up trading his dropped modules back at station and I soon logged after that.

I’m still enjoying this learning curve, I try to take on ships either bigger than or pilots in similar ships. I prefer the fights to be 1v1 rather than annoying people into a fight but I will take what I can at the moment. I’m also learning a lot about fittings and what to fit to my ships and what to avoid.. What can I say it’s FUN!! 🙂

Fly safe

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  1. May 27, 2011 at 13:19

    Nice kill there! I’d load EMP from the start against Caldari shield tankers.

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