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Gen: I haz fans…

Evening readers,

I’ve noticed that the last couple of weeks while causing mischief in Arnon and surrounding areas that my blog traffic has increased, I think this is down to people clicking on the link in Durzo’s bio. This has been kind of been confirmed when tonight after logging in to move down to a new staging area I had a private convo from someone in Arnon.. Now I suspected it was either a victim.. I mean fellow pvper, but it turned out it was someone who read my blog while I was wandering around the belts and just wanted to say hi and that he liked my blog.. (awesome..).

Now a 1 off “like your blog” is good for me, but then I noticed one of the other channels I am in was flashing and again it was someone I’ve never met or shot at saying how much he liked my blog. 🙂

Now as some of you know I write this blog more for my own enjoyment than anything else but I like getting feedback (good or bad) about what other people think, so I’ve created a little poll to see what people think about my blog. Feel free to vote and if you ever feel this blog could be better or want to see something specific let me know, I’m always open to new ideas and I want my readers to look forward to my next post.

Fly safe/crazy/badly/however you want.

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  1. June 14, 2011 at 05:06

    To be honest, i didnt even know you had a blog… my bad! this has been rectified.

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