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PVP: You wanted more action..

So over the last week my RL job has kept me busy working full days and then back in at night for extra project work. The net result means that I haven’t really had time for a lot of Eve and when I have I’ve been too tired to login.

My earlier post this week which included a Poll showed that most of my readers liked the blog the way it is but some (well 2) wanted more action.. For those that voted thank you, for those that wanted more action please see below:

Last night I logged in for a bit before going back to work and to my surprise discovered Arnon local was populated with a fair number of other Black Rebel pilots. We decided to fleet up and go around the belts flipping everything in sight. The plan was simple but we were hoping for some action (either solo or fleet), unfortunately we lost a thrasher and a rifter to a Blackbird pilot and I was only able to sit (no aggro i.e. wasn’t red to me) and watch the sloooow fight (blackbirds + ecm = long time to die).

On a plus point though (and before the losses on our side) I warped off to a belt to find another rifter pilot (pilot name) who seemed to be in the mood for some 1v1, I dropped a can and we started the dance of death (makes you dizzy watching after a while), he didn’t seem keen to engage and I was getting bored so I found a nearby wreck of his and collected the modules with the full intention of returning them to him.. What happened next was a total surprise to me (honest it was), he started shooting at me. I like Rifter vs Rifter combat it’s all down to skills, fittings and luck when it’s the same ship.

My shields disappeared quickly (yes it still freaks me out) and my armour repairer kicked into life ready for the incoming damage. Much to my surprise there wasn’t that much incoming damage, not compared to what my AC’s where dishing out hot rounds of RF Fusion into my target. His Rifter soon popped, gf’s were exchanged and it seems my “friend” was surprised how quick I went through his armour.. Not sure myself but I’m not going to complain.

I logged soon after that, although it seems some people in Arnon like posting my whereabouts in local, it’s not like i have a bounty anymore so don’t know what that’s about.. 🙂

This morning after getting a couple of hours sleep I decided to login and update my skill queue for Durzo but decided that I might as well take my rifter out to see “morning” to the locals. I landed at a belt and was targeted by a Retriever (in fact it was 2 retrievers in the end for some reason), I looted a wreck and he warped off back to Sisters of Eve station. I hung around in the belt just in case someone wanted to play. Soon enough the retriever pilot warped back in a Merlin, locked me up and started shooting.. I think he was probably surprised at how much RF Emp rounds actually hurt Caldari ships 🙂 the fight didn’t last long, one more kill for me. What happened next though still confuses me.

During the “fight” there was a Caracal in the belt who had earlier targeted me but then dropped his lock. Once the Merlin had popped the Caracal locked me up again and started firing missiles my way.. Now bear in mind the Merlin pilot was in a NPC corp I’m not sure what the Caracal pilot was expecting to happen next.. However we all know what happened next.. CONCORD.. 🙂 I helped a little by pointing him and managed to get the final blow.. 🙂

So what had meant to start as a quick fly around turned into a good 30 minutes of random PVP.. 🙂 Yes I’m still loving it, yes I’m still learning but that’s all part of the fun.. 🙂

Fly it like a Rifter

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  1. Anonymous Coward
    June 17, 2011 at 16:04

    FYI: If you’re the only person other than Concord who fires on someone before they die, you always get credit for the final blow. Otherwise a kill mail would not be generated.

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