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Gen: 100th post, 20th Solo Kill, broken computer

100th Post, 20th Kill and a broken PSU

So this is my 100th blog post. I’ve put off posting something until I had a reason that would be worthy of the 100th post. I know 100 posts isn’t that huge compared to some bloggers but for me it’s a milestone. I would like to thank all my readers for their support since the launch of this blog. I’m hoping over the next few months to add more content that will appeal to my readers and hopefully bring a larger audience in.

There are a few Eve bloggers out there I would like to thank, whether it’s for the blogs they write which I enjoy to read or because what and how they write encouraged me to start my own blog. This isn’t everyone just the ones I could think of.

1. Rixx Javix – EVOGANDA – Not only is Rixx (well the man behind Rixx) responsible for my lovely blog banner, his blog is something that I enjoy reading everyday the stories of null and low sec piracy is what bought me back to PVP after I left the Black Rabbits.

2. Paul Clavet – My Loot, Your Tears – Although I’m not a ninja (yet), his blog has always made me smile, not only reading the tears of his victims but also the way he creates schemes to get people. His (and other ninja’s) blogs are the reason I have an Orca alt. Paul has left Eve since the “Incarna Incident” but I wish him well and thank him for the time and effort he’s put into the community.

3. PJ Harvey – Tiger Ears – This blog is all about WH’s and is something I look forward to reading everyday (yes there is a post everyday), even if you are not interested in WH space I still encourage you to read it. It gives a great understanding of covert scanning and ambushes what is written here can be used in all areas of space.

4. Marc Scaurus – WANDERLUST – Marc is a pirate, a pirate that likes my non pirate blog, something which to me, means a lot. If you want to be a pirate check our Marc’s blog for posts relating to his new Pirate Alliance or have a look at his Pirate Corps posts.

5. Miura Bull – Brutor Bullfighter – Miura is my Corp’s CEO to be honest I’ve only discovered his blog recently but as a Rifter pilot/solo PVPer it’s a must read (oh and the one below this). Miura is in my opinion an excellent writer his IC or OOC posts are always enjoyable and if you need a fitting for your Rifter check out his blog.

6. Wensley – Rifter Drifter – What can I say.. Wensley’s blog is THE blog to go to for all things solo PVP related. Not only does he write enjoyable posts about his adventures in space, but he is also the author of some of the best solo PVP guides available. If you want to try solo PVP then read his blog..

First things first, the sad news that has stopped me being in-game as much this last week.

Last weekend my main gaming PC died due to a PSU fault. Nothing to do with Incarna it just died, and due to the fact I have an Alienware PC it means I have to pay over £200 for a new PSU or go another route. Hopefully this week it will be fixed and I can stop killing my laptop trying to play Eve.

Now for the good stuff, last night (on my laptop which isn’t fun as the graphics keep getting mashed up) I managed to get my 20th solo PVP kill. I’ve only been pvping since the 16th of May, in that time I’ve gone against a variety of ships and players, I admit a couple have been easy kills but some haven’t been. In fact my 20th kill ended with me with in structure and flaming fuel leaking from my Rifter.

I was in Arnon last night warping around the belts as normal, it was quiet and no one was really interested in taking on my Rifter, I landed at a belt and spotted an Orca piloted by none other than Planetary Genocide it seems he was doing a corp mining mission for the Yarr Collective which is a pirate alliance that models itself on the Black Rabbits. Anyway while decided if I should try to bait him into attacking me a Merlin piloted by Katzenlord landed close by and I was asked if I cared for a 1v1. At first I wasn’t sure, Katzenlord is an older character (by a few months) and I’ve seen him around Arnon a lot dishing out justice, but I accepted the challenge (hoping my laptop would survive) took the item from his dropped can and the fight was on.

The Merlin is a good Frigate for PVP, it combines missiles and guns as well as being able to have a reasonable tank on it, the dance of death started my point, web engaged while hot EMP rounds and gremlin missiles slammed into my target. It took a while to get through his shields, mine were gone quite quick and I pulsed my armour repairer to keep me alive this was going to be close. I overheated my guns and armour repairer making sure I switched it off not to burn out my systems, (I managed to do that earlier in the week against an Iskhur Assault Frigate) the damage to my armour was increasing and I was still trying to get through his shields, I know once his shields were gone I had a chance. I was edging closer to my hull taking damage, my full concentration was focused on juggling my modules to try to keep my rifter alive I wasn’t even paying attention to the damage I was inflicting on him.

My hull was failing, the Damage Control module probably the only thing keeping my Rifter alive, both ships were in structure and it was going to be who could get the last volleys in, with 23% structure left my opponent’s Merlin exploded I scooped the loot and warped off to a safe, exchanging GF’s with my opponent the adrenaline still pumping through my veins.

To be honest I couldn’t have asked for a better fight to mark my 20th kill, 20 isn’t a lot but in the time I’ve been playing Eve or PVPing I think that it’s a good start and something for me to build on. Yes I will lose ships but I hope the number I lose will be smaller than the number of kills I get.

Fly crazy

  1. July 4, 2011 at 17:36

    Nice post, not least of which because I get a mention 😛 Honestly though, that’s an impressive milestone to hit. I have yet to get there myself!

    Good solo kill as well. Arnon seems like a hotbed for that sort of stuff, but my alt never had any luck. And watch out for PG – he recently killed a Procurer with his Orca LOL

  2. July 4, 2011 at 17:56

    Congrats on 100 posts m8, it isn’t the amount or the number that matters, but the personal accomplishment that you should be proud of! Thanks for the mention also, glad my little corner of the universe has anything to do with anything. 🙂

    Fly safe

  3. July 4, 2011 at 18:16

    Congratulations on 100 posts. Here’s to many more in the future! You’re in safe hands with Miura, keep flying the rebel flag!

  4. Lhorenzho
    July 5, 2011 at 19:01

    Congratulation on your 100th post man. I would have loved to see you pod Planetary genocide. He is a pretty sharp cookie from what I remember of him during the drunk roams flash put on so to get him to bite would have been a feat.

  5. July 5, 2011 at 20:21

    Woo, 100 posts! Good job, and keep them coming. Thanks for the link-love too, always appreciated and a lovely compliment.

  6. July 6, 2011 at 00:57

    Oh cool I’m on here! haha. As for being podded in highsec, I’d hope not, though as Lhorenzho said there’s no way I’d attack you while sitting in an Orca. 😛

    Also, that was a pretty good fight, I managed to lock you guys both before he went down and watched you dip into structure first, so congratulations and I”m glad I got to see that go down, haha.

  7. July 10, 2011 at 03:15

    Congrats! And nice plug 🙂 tyty


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