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Gen: Blah blah stuff

This is just a quick update post with a more “interesting” one later on in the week.

My PC is now back up and working and I’ve managed to get back into the swing of things again. I managed a few kills on Saturday as well as one lose (1v1 PVP is never a bad thing) and one fight that ended with my opponent self destructing his ship. To be honest it was an awesome fight, myself in a Rifter he was in a Celetis, once I managed to kill his drones off it was a long fight which ended with us both in structure before he blew himself up. Don’t see the point in that to be honest but each to their own I guess.

I’ve also learnt not to underestimate my opponents, I looted the wreck of a month old toon in a Vexor only for him to slaughter me with T2 drones and Neut’s, had a nice chat with him afterwards and looking at this killboard, he’s done a lot of baiting in that thing.. 🙂 Loses like that never bother me, I think it’s all part of the learning curve and it helps me develop.

Arnon is getting boring now though to be honest, so preparations are underway to find a new home, I’ve decided to take a different route for a while, I’m going to spend a lot more time in all things cloaky, I have a Hound and a cloaky loki already for some solo WH PVP where I will dive into WH’s from high sec and see what I can kill.. (and not sleepers). I tested both out yesterday but the C1 I found only had 1 tower which was abandoned and no targets to hunt. I’m hoping this will improve both my scanning and d-scan skills as you need both in a WH.

In an effort to make more of this blog and give my readers something new I will be writing my first Eve related guide. “Durzo’s Guide to looting & flipping”. This will be my thoughts, tips and suggestions on how to annoy people into fighting you in highsec. I appreciate there might be similar guides already but this one is mine. A couple of Black Rebel’s are expressed an interest in this so hopefully it will be of use to some people.

That’s all for now.. fly safe and remember to jet can mine as much as you want.. 🙂

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  1. July 13, 2011 at 15:50

    I’d llove a guide like that.

    On another note, I was going to do the same thing as you’re planning, albeit with cloaky tengu instead of loki, but my last fail kinda put that plan on hold for an indefinite period of time…

  2. July 13, 2011 at 16:52

    I’ve even started getting screenshots for it, I think my readers will like pictures.. 🙂 Yeah I read your blog about it.. (I shoudl start commenting more on people’s blogs) to be honest a good fitted Stealth Bomber will do just as well, might not survive as long though.

  3. July 13, 2011 at 20:18

    I believe pj over at Tiger Ears currently uses a cloaky probing Tengu, and Marlenus at Ironfleet Towing and Salvage was getting into the stealth bomber before he quit and also had a link to someone else who did the same. A stealth bomber might be more survivable as it’s a lot harder to catch what with aligning almost instantly and the cloaky thing… but a Loki would be much more destructive than just a few miner ganks.

  4. July 14, 2011 at 06:57

    if I had t2 med autocannons I’d totally train min cruiser V… but I already have awesome Tengu skills and decent missile skills, so… I still need to train hams though

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