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Gen: Still around in spirit..

This is just a quick post to say I’m still around, just not really “with it” at the minute. The last 4 weeks I’ve been ill and after 6 trips to the doctors, 2 lots of blood tests and 4 different lots of medication I think I’m finally on the road to recovery.

I have been in-game during this time and even managed to get a few kills but my focus hasn’t really been there and I’ve been sleeping a lot. A lot of my in-game time has been spent moving stuff around on my other toons and getting my indy alt settled into his new WH home.

The guide I published a copy of weeks ago is nearly finished in PDF format, just a title to put on it and then i will publish it on this blog for those that are interested.

I posted a week or so again about being unsure about going -10. Well I’ve finally decided to go for it, I will move my stuff into my new low sec home this weekend and then once I’m back to 100% health I will see how long it takes to get -10 (and the all important flashy red). I’ve kinda worked out a skill plan for the next few weeks that will help me with the ships I fly currently and let me get into some new ones. After that it’s back to the support skills I need to max out to make my frigates even more powerful… 🙂


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