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Gen: I’m still here…

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello readers (if I have any left), my apologies for the lack of posting over the last few weeks/months. It was not my intention to leave it this long without giving you something to read.

Since my last post things have been much the same (hence the lack of posting), I’m still getting some kills and even spent some time in lowsec. The Black Rebels now have Chapters so I’ve moved away from Hek/Auner area and I’m looking for a new home in Caldari space. To be honest I will probably stay available for what is currently a period of ongoing war’s with various different Corps/Alliances some of which are in High Sec (i.e. no negative ten sec status for me yet).

A few weeks ago the Rebels took a small gang around Auner, this was the first time I’ve flown with some of the Rebels and as most of my time is spent Solo it made a nice change. I was in my shiny new armour Cane providing DPS and a big target while the rest of the Rebels were in smaller ships. We ended up killing a Raven (running a mission in low sec.. that’s what d-scan is for), and as a claim to fame (well sort of) I managed to get the final blow on Lady Shaniqua \o/.

She wasn’t too pleased about being “ganked” and come back in a Loki looking for us, but before we could all die under her guns we went after a Battleship (yes it was bait) in a belt and then got blobbed, my Cane died a hero’s death though and managed to kill a Rifter and Rupture before exploding.. 😦

Skill training wise I am finishing off what I class as the last of the Core support skills to minimize capacitor/CPU/Powergrid and maximize Tank before topping up some more Gunnery and Missile skills. To be honest I will still fly the “smaller” ships because I enjoy it more than tanking around an a big ass hull. Plus I still have some ships I want to fly and all these wars give me plenty of opportunity to try them out. I did lose a Manticore the other day in 0.0 space on a quick visit, I was about 15KM off the gate when a Dramiel uncloaked me and made short work of my bomber. I will be back though as I want to practice some bombing runs.. 🙂 I might even head back into WH space in search of some PVP action.. 🙂

The Black Rebels are also recruiting currently, so if you fancy some small gang PVP and want a awesome bunch of people to fly with (some of the best pilots I’ve ever flown with in Eve), then drop by our in-game public channel The Autocannon or pay a visit to our recruitment thread.

So that’s about it for today, sorry again for the lack of posting I will do my best to improve.. I would also like to say Thank You to all my readers.. I know it may seem strange but because of you guys and the other Bloggers out there I enjoy telling stories of my Eve life, in fact since starting this blog I’ve started another blog about my other passion in life (well not including my awesome girlfriend and family of course) which is all things IT related..

This is totally a none Eve blog so if you are interested (and there isn’t much there yet) please feel free to visit The IT Geek Chronicles. I would ask though if you want to comment etc please use a non Eve account (I want to keep them separate).. oh and Rixx if you are reading this, let me know what you think to my blog banner on that site.. 🙂

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WH: Sneak and Peak

February 16, 2011 3 comments

Right first off, in an effort to make the content of my posts easier to understand I am going to start adding the main focus of the post at the start of the title. So for example anything Wormhole related will start with WH:, for PVP it will be PVP:. Hopefully that will help both my readers and myself, in keeping track of my posts.

Now on to the content.. 🙂

Last night I logged in and decided it was about time to get Durzo Smith (my new WH scout) loaded up in his Buzzard Covert Op’s ship. I know, I know why is a Minmatar flying a Caldari ship?? Simple.. it looks a lot nicer and has cool camouflage.. 🙂 Anyway I digress, a quick fitting session to get “Serenity” ready for action. Although I’m a bit confused why covert ops have so many mid slots, the buzzard has 5 and other than a AB I’m not sure what else to fit??

I started my scanning session in Ibura, not expecting to find much (high sec + scanning = poor results), but I did manage to find a WH after scanning down a few other sigs first. My unstable WH lead into a C2 system so I thought I would pop in and say hi in local (well not really, I don’t talk in local ever..)

Oh before I carry on Astral Dominix (fellow alliance pilot and blogger) has just posted the start of his exploration guide which covers scanning.. go read it…. you know you want to..

Once in the WH I bookmarked the exit and warped off towards a planet (making a BM half way along as the start of a safe), I dropped a combat probe and moved it to the edge of the system (thanks to Tiger Ears for the tips), expanded the scan range and set it hunting. I found 2 Amarr POS towers, lots of modules and a Chimera lurking in the system. Now as this was a “sneak and peak” I was only interested in find other WH’s to jump into. I have to say I was surprised with the amount of sigs that can occupy one system and I can understand why you need to be good at scanning otherwise it can take hours..

I was limited for time so I only managed to find another WH that led to high sec before I had to leave and return to Ibura. It might have been a bit boring but it served a purpose, I now know I have to sort the following:

1. Durzo’s scanning skills are a bit low so I am training them up now
2. I really really need to practice scanning more
3. I need a good system for recording and storing information from WH’s such as entries, exits and signatures..

So if you are a WH vet or can offer advice, how do you manage and store your BM’s? Do you keep them all in one folder, do you have a special naming convention or do you keep a record in a spreadsheet or similar for where you have been??

Fly safe

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Wormhole virgin no more!!

January 26, 2011 4 comments

Tonight I logged into Eve for my normal hour or 2 of Eve time. I logged on to find only my fellow corp mate Yuzuki logged in which is unusual as normally fellow Director Nozza1 is always on (and I do mean always). I started running a lvl 4 mission in Ibura while chatting to Yuzuki who as per normal was doing something relating to WH’s (he does love them), and after listening to him yelp in excitement about how much ISK he had made I decided to bite the bullet and take a trip into the WH with him.

Now I know what you are thinking, Operation “Take the plunge” was supposed to be my first trip into WH space and see what it’s like.. What can I say.. I changed my mind lol..

I cleared the mission and headed back to base to swap into my Drake battlecruiser and refit it for WH space. The only problem being is that I had no idea what to expect or how to fit it. Below is what some might class as a “Fail Fit” for a Drake.

[WH Drake]

[High Slots]
5 x Malkuth Heavy Assault Launchers (Terror Missiles)
1 x Prototype Cloaking Device
1 x Core Probe Launcher
1 x T1 Salvager

[Medium Slots]
1 x T2 Invulnability Shield
1 x 10MN MWD
4 x T2 shield resists (1 of each type)

[Low Slots]
1 x T2 Shield Recharger
1 x T2 Power Control Unit
2 x T2 BCU’s

2 x T1 Shield Purger
1 x T1 Anti-EM reinforcer

5 x T2 Hornets

Looking back on the event I had no idea what damage types to expect, what damage type was best to use or anything about what would be the other side of the K162 exit (but then that’s the fun part of Eve isn’t it).

A quick Clone jump later (I have a JC 1 jump away from base) and I was en route to the WH. I have read up a bit on WH’s (I now realise I need to read a lot more) so I knew that I had to keep my d-scan handy and refreshed and I was hoping my time in low sec space would help with that.

The WH was quiet (which is nice for my first trip) and a quick d-scan while cloaked showed only a Drake BC and a few industrial ships (need to tweak my overview I think), Yuzuki informed me the Drake was there before and I made a mental note to keep my eye on it. We warped off to a site Yuzuki had scanned down and there I found my first sleepers..

Nasty little buggers really but the combination of pulsing my MWD and unleashing my drones and terror missiles in combination with Yuzuki’s Cane of Doom (that’s my name for it) we made short work of them in about 20 minutes. We scooped the loot and headed home.. I know not very exciting, no pew pew action or narrow escapes but I enjoyed it and I gave the large majority of the loot to Yuzuki and I just kept the salvage (none of those nice nanoribbon things).

My WH Drake needs a lot of work and my HAM skills are rubbish so that needs working on if I keep that fit but for me it was nice to do something different, WH’s feel like home to me and Yuzuki has a real passion for them which is rubbing off on me. I posted earlier about his new blog and how I inspired him to start it, in reality my drive to explore WH space is because of him and I’m looking forward to the next adventure in WH space..

Fly safe

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If you don’t like my blog..

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Read this one instead.. The Spacer it’s the new blog from a fellow corpie Yuzuki Katayanagi who I apparently inspired to start his own blog.. how cool is that.. 🙂

Yuzuki writes both IC and OOC so I’m looking forward to reading more about his WH adventures and well the wonders of being in ABADD.. 🙂

So please add his blog, generate some traffic and help this new blogger get to grips with the world of Eve blogging..

Fly safe

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Operation “Taking the Plunge”

January 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Well the time has come for me to put Operation “Take The Plunge” into effect. Durzo Smith has now completed the necessary training to fly the Manticore Stealth Bomber and at the weekend will be diving into a WH just for giggles.

Well ok it’s not just for giggles it does have some meaning. The aims of this little project are the following:

1. Practice Bombing runs (hopefully on some real targets)
2. Get use to being in a WH and get some “on the job” practice using my D-scan (something I’ve always struggled with when I was a low sec pirate)
3. Work towards becoming a capable Stealth Bomber pilot (me like the cloaky cloaky goodness)

You may remember that I will be taking the plunge with no probes or launcher so once I’m in a WH that’s where I’m staying. Hopefully it won’t be too empty and I can track some pilots down but either way I’m looking forward to it.

This Operation now has a new objective as well. ABADD is going to set up home in a WH soon and as such I need to get to grips with the change in life style and hopefully build some experience that the corp can benefit from.

I will keep a diary of my time in the WH and post them on the blog so hopefully you will enjoy reading about my “adventures”.

ABADD is still recruiting and if you fancy being a part of a corp about to take the plunge into a WH let me know. We are also currently looking for potential Alliances that might benefit the corp and it’s members but we are taking our time on that.

Fly safe

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